Rural Jurors Really Do Exist!!

On a CBS hour-long news show, an attorney on a murder case finally admitted that there is such a thing as a "Rural Juror". Apparently they expect men to act like gentlemen, and women to act like ladies, and thus will have no truck with a 17 year old girl who may or may not have died while engaging in auto-erotic axphis...asphix...axphix...stranging with a 37 year old dude.

Mad Props must go to Tina Fey and 30 Rock for positing the existence of such creatures before science and the media were able to provide empirical confirmation.


Mike said...

I really like 30 Rock. It seemed like a slightly goofy, somewhat aimless show early on, but it's really come into its own.

I guess my guess about which SNL-related show would probably suck has been proven about as accurate as my estimation that Ryan Leaf would make a much better NFL quarterback than Peyton Manning

dave said...

I'm really digging 30 Rock, too. It's interesting -- the pilot for 30 Rock was kind of crappy, and the pilot for Aaron Sorkin Retroactively Wins Every Argument He Ever Had With Anyone Ever was really good. Hooo-boy, have they ever changed places.

Here's a good indication of the difference between the two shows:

Aaron Sorkin Retroactively Wins Every Argument He Ever Had With Anyone Ever:

Danny: "It's important, Matt! We can't lose more than ten percent, what do you think? The sponsors, the affiliates, the press, the Right, our job, Jordan's job, everybody's job, it's important!"

30 Rock:

Tracy: "Live every week like its Shark Week."

Tracy: "I want to hold up a mirror to society, and then win the world record for biggest mirror."

Jack: "It's a new challenge and I like challenges. I've summitted Kilimanjaro. I've showered with Greta Van Susteren."

aaron said...

Apparently this CBS news show was called "48 hours". Never heard of it.

I dig 30 Rock. I wish I could track down what Tracy Jordan said during the episode that flashed back to his movie career as an action star sidekick.