Unsolved Mysteries of the Cinema, #837 and #838

#837 -- The Blues Brothers
The newly reformed band gets their first gig masquerading as The Good Old Boys at a honky tonk named The Country Bunker. After nearly getting booed off stage doing their regular material, they churn out the only country songs they can think of -- the theme from Rawhide, and "Stand by Your Man." The crowd goes nuts. Fast-forward to the end of the night -- it's closing time, as the bartender sweeps up and almost everyone has left; the band is winding down an encore version of Rawhide, and the owner tells them they're pretty much the greatest band The Country Bunker's ever seen. Unsolved mystery: What in the world did they play for what was surely a two-hour-plus set?

#838 -- Singles
Campbell Scott puts the moves on Kyra Sedgwick while flipping through old records at his apartment and reminiscing about past relationships. Unsolved mystery: At this stage in their burgeoning relationship -- they've yet to kiss, and in fact the last we saw of them she was attempting to let him down gently after a reluctant lunchtime date -- why on Earth is she over at his apartment doing laundry?


aaron said...

Didn't they just play the same songs over and over and over and over?? I thought that was the joke? I can't help you on the other one.

Mike said...

You know, I'd never really thought of that as a possibility. Although: that crowd was pretty restless to begin with; after the third or fourth rendition of "Stand by Your Man," wouldn't they revolt?

Or: maybe the joke is that hillbillies are easily entertained. In which case: ha ha ha.

On the Singles one -- part of me wonders if there was a deleted scene. Otherwise, I guess we're supposed to guess at what happened in between, but what happened in between seems pretty important. Like: we had lunch, she wasn't interested in a relationship, yadda yadda yadda she came over to do laundry and dry my dishes.