Factory Hurl

I've read that Bob Dylan's people tried to halt the release of Factory Girl, but having now seen the movie I can't imagine why. Sure, Bob comes off as a pompous jackass and a mere caricature of a real human being. But that still makes him the most likeable character in a film full of assholes.

Maybe some of this was intentional -- the movie seems particularly interested in making Andy Warhol out to be a jerk (who maybe, possibly, also made some art). But even Edie Sedgwick comes across as a pretty awful -- or at least uninterestingly flat -- character, which I'm pretty sure wasn't on purpose. When we found out, via text-over, that she'd overdosed, my only thought was: "Thank God, this piece of crap is finished and I can go have a drink."

Which is to say: I do not recommend this movie.

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