Wait...does this sound right?

It's cool to hate Bill Simmons these days. I understand. The first article of his I read he was trashing the Steelers, so I got mad. But he is pretty darn funny, and while it is easy to parody his schtick, it is effective nonetheless.

But if you want to barrage his comments thread, because he said something bad about your blog, maybe, I don't know, but maybe you shouldn't be such asswipes about the comments on your own blog. This isn't a case of the Noonans vs. the Judge Smails, nor underdog vs. overdog, but rather a catfight between two competing brands.


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TMC said...

Glad you mentioned that.
As much as I love Deadspin, that whole thing kind of annoyed me.

Of course, ESPN had to have known this would have gone wrong...