From the "What the....????" Department

Actress Thora Birch's parents starred in Deep Throat. I guess that explains alot, but not this creepiness.

"It was so wrong," said one insider. "The director is saying, 'Harder! Faster!' and the father is giving Winters the thumbs up."
After seeing Birch in Ghost World I thought she would be one of the greatest actresses ever, and paid diddly attention to her husky voiced co-star Scarlett Johannson. Maybe Johannson put a curse on her or something, because Birch has rarely been seen since, and Scarlett's the new Red. It says in the article that she got kicked off the Election set. I wonder if she was supposed to play the Reese Witherspoon character, but the lesbian daughter did remind me alot of Birch, maybe because the character was so similar to Birch's American Beauty character.
(hat tip: Bill Simmons)

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