Barrelhouse Clan Ain't Nuttin' to F*** Wit

I don't know who this Snake, CEO is who is listed as a contributor to our blog, but I do know that he has his own cool blog, and that on his cool blog there's a cool link to the Wu Tang Clan name generator. I know, I know, that's so 2001, but still, I'm feelin' frisky. Plus, the names are oddly appropriate. So, without further ado, here are the Barrelhouse Editors' Wu Tang names:

Aaron: Zexy Hunter
Dave: Lucky Leader
Mike: X-cessive Wanderer
Joe: Phantom Hunter
Matt: Misunderstood Ambassador
Dan: The Dominator
Gwydion: The Gaelic Dynamo

Appropriate, but kind of lame, especially Matt's, and I just made up Gywdion's. But wait! Dave is short for David, Mike for Michael, and so forth. So I entered their given, proper names, and the results were much more satisfying, especially David's:

David: Pesty Mastermind
Michael: Amazing Desperado
Joseph: Wacko Madman
Matthew: Mad Destroyer
Daniel: Drunken Desperado
Gwydion: Scratchin' Ninja
Aaron: still Zexy Hunter (sigh...sounds like a porn star name...but for a girl. If I include my middle name, I become "Ruff Mastermind". Too much like Dave's. But my middle name plus confirmation name reveals that I'm "Lazy Assed Assassin". That's more like it.)

Read this for a fascinating look into the Wu Tang Clan and their odd links to my hometown in Eastern Ohio. NOTE: Article title has profanity

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