Who Shares Your Birthday?

Although you can't search for it on IMDB (or I just haven't figured it out yet), if you click on the hyperlink of someone's birthdate, it will list all the people born on that date who have any relation to showbiz. So I went somewhere else, found out that Raul Julia was born on March 9, then went to his IMDB page and clicked on the date link. Here's a partial list of what I found:

Raul Julia, courageous actor, Gomez Addams
Brian Bosworth, AKA "The Steroid Swayze"
Kato Kaelin, Man's Best Friend
Juliette Binoche, Gorgeous and Bleu
Yamila Diaz, SI swimsuit model
Bow Wow, formerly "Lil Bow Wow" (By the way, go see Roll Bounce!!!)
Linda Fiorentino, sexiest chick ever, in her prime.
Katie Rae, Porn Star
Kylie Ray, Porn Star
Clarisse, Porn Star (To click on every name on the list, it would take me hours. Or an hour. Of the names I didn't recognize [for real!], I maybe clicked on 5% of them and in 3 minutes come up with 3 porn stars...that's gotta be a record!)
Chingy, some sort of rapper
Michael Kinsley, Lord of the Counter-Intuitive Dance
Charles Gibson, AKA that news anchor no one recognizes
Bobby Fischer, craziest chess player ever, and probably the best--not to mention that the best kids movie ever was made about him.
John Cale, I know I heard the name...did drugs with Lou Reed and Nico and Warhol and all them.
Del Close, Improv Master
Mickey Spillane, a good egg, though hardboiled.

So Barrelhousers, go do some birthday research and let's see what we find!

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TMC said...

Feb. 18

I've got Toni Morrison, which is kinda cool, and then Rihanna, which is kinda... I don't know because I barely even know what she is.

Also, Yoko Ono and Cybill Shepherd-- two of the most lovable women of the 20th century.

Then there's Dr. Dre, and it's good to know we're birthday buddies, because I think I can count on him to kill someone for me now.

Also, apparently Molly Ringwald and John Hughes have the same birthday as each other, which is much more interesting than the fact that they have the same birthday as me.