Once Again, I Am Undone by Cruwhoooooooooooooooooel Reality

Mere days before my new, futuristic Superhero comicbook, the Clone Wolf, is set to hit the streets, there's this:

South Korean scientists who created the world's first cloned dog said Monday they have cloned two females of an endangered species of wolf.

Did Stan Lee ever wake up and read in the New York Times, "Man Exhibits Spider-Like Qualities, Fights Crime". Did Frank Miller ever pick up an issue of Archaeology Today that said "Actual Persian Emperor Seven Foot Four Effeminate Weirdo With A Faun Who Plays the Lyre and a Giant with Saws as Arms, Archaeologists Find." NO! They didn't! So why do I, Future Comic Book Genius, have to deal with this?

Next thing you know, someone's going to steal my idea for a reality show about 20-somethings trying to make it in life and love in an American city with legalized gambling...D'oh!

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