Ron Rosenbaum is Pretty Funny

Ron Rosenbaum, author and journalist, whose previous stuff I've read has made him seem kinda grouchy and Harold Bloom-esque, is actually pretty funny in his curmudgeonliness here in Slate, showing how yoga has been co-opted by the New Age movement. Excerpt:

In fact, my impetus for this examination of yoga media came from a sharp-witted woman I know who practices yoga but frankly concedes that—for her, anyway—it's less about Inner Peace than Outer Hotness. She called my attention to what she called an amazingly clueless—and ultimately cruel (to the writer)—decision by the editors of Yoga Journal to print a first-person story that was ostensibly about the yogic wisdom on forgiveness in relationships. The story, which appeared in the December 2006 issue, was titled "Forgive Yourself."

I know, I know, probably the worst excerpt of all time, but believe me, the article in toto IS hilarious. Read it!!

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