SNL Hates Women, Esp. Mexican Women, and Loves Bon Jovi

Five years ago, I was driving home at night and put on Baltimore's 98 Rock. They were playing a parody of a Jon Bon Jovi song. The lyrics were hilarious: "my heart is like an open highway, I just want to live life my way". But something about the song wasn't right. There were no fart sounds. But 98 Rock wouldn't actually play Bon Jovi, would they? Hell no!

Yes, yes they would.

So I guess he's got a new album coming out and gets to host SNL. Man, is he good looking, if you ask me, HE's the one who should've married Heather Locklear! Their kids would be born with natural deposits of botox.

Anyhoo, two skits stood out to me because they bordered on being racist and sexist. During Weekend Update, Mya Rudolph portrayed a Mexican maid who would have to make the jokes if the writers went on strike. Naturally, her jokes weren't funny, (but her accent was!), thus proving the HILARIOUS point that not anyone, certainly not Mexican maids, can make jokes like paid WGA writers can. I bet those maids can't even be high-functioning addicts either, or mopey self-absorbed fucks. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

Another skit featured a Star Trek-esque scenario where the captain, a woman, loses her purse and got so preoccupied with finding it she dooms her ship. And to top it off, they had a skit where Jon Bon Jovi played the young Bon Jovi suggesting to his mates to name the band Bon Jovi. Priceless.

Jon Bon Jovi got to sing during his opening, and at the end, while Foo Fighters performed in the middle. Call me a cynic, but I didn't see that much difference between the two bands. Milquetoast. So what's Dave Grohl's excuse?

Exhibit #1,234 on the downfall of SNL.

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TMC said...

To be honest, i found the show more offensive when they tried to convince me that Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz were funny.