Books that Make You Stupider

Cracked Magazine -- yes, it still exists -- examines five books that will immediately make you dumber: tips for playing the lottery, Klingon Hamlet (seriously), masturbation and Soduko:

"Tips include sage advice on topics such as "scanning the rows" and "filling in the gaps." Based on title alone, it's pretty clear that the author personally infiltrated the invisible floating MENSA fortress and wrestled secret Sudoku strategies out of the cold hands of dead Nobel Prize winners. The intellectual level of the average reader? Well, "scanning the rows" is split up over three separate tips. But it's not until you get to the part where two separate tips are given over to "taking a break" that you realize that the book you're reading was written after this phone conversation:

Publisher: We need a Sudoku book right now before the idiots lose interest!

Maths guy: How long have I got?

Publisher: The courier's on his way!"

Q: How can you avoid such hilarity?

A: You can't.

Plus, if you fold the page over itself, it'll reveal an incriminating photo of Gary Hart.


JP said...

Oh my god, this is hysterical. "Sharing Solos" might be the funniest thing I ever heard.

(It's less funny when you're doing it, of course. Ummm.)

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post, Mike, i'd never heard of Cracked before, and now I regret it...