Anyone Else Not Like the Simpsons Movie?

Like every critic said, it was just an extended television episode, but the real disappointment for me is that, after umpteen years of creating many amazingly hilarious characters, this 87 minute movie had no significant subplots involving Seymour Skinner, Monty Burns, Otto, Quimby, Cleetus, Lovejoy, Apu, Wiggum, etc. They were just there to push the main plot along and throw out one-liners. And celebrity voices? Green Day and Philip Baker Hall don't count.

I was hoping the movie would be a last hurrah, going out in a blaze of glory, rather than a reminder of why I haven't watched the show regularly--in syndication or new episodes--for a few years now.


JP said...

Honestly? Except for the obvious (the one and only Spider Pig), I thought it totally blew.

And I absolutely agree with you about the subplots. I mean, really--you're going to give the only semi-realized side story to....FLANDERS?

Not for nothing, but the Simpsons Movie was no South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut or Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

Joe said...

My basic feeling is that it was sort of funny, but not as funny as a really funny episode, which may be the most obvious thing that's ever been written, but, you know, that's why I'm in grad school, to learn to say the obvious in less obvious ways.

All of that said, Spider Pig did make me pee a little.

And is it just me, or are these word verification thingies getting harder to see.

JP said...

so much harder to see!!!