Link of the Week

So, I'm a little behind on my blogging duties, and midterm grading got a sista down. However, I don't want to leave all you countless fans and readers hanging (it'll be anarchy, I tell you), so here's your one-day-late Link of the Week.

It involves monkeys, which proves it's infinitely worthwhile:

Behold the Trunk Monkey!



jill alexander essbaum said...

Whatever happened to Clyde, the monkey from Every Which Way But Loose?

Mike said...

I wish that monkey threw more feces.

JP said...

He would throw more feces if he was YOUR trunk monkey, Mike.

As for Clyde...umm, who??

(I sometimes hate that Jill knows everything about everything random and I only know many things about some things random. Grrrr.)

jill alexander essbaum said...


That's Clyde.