The Real Housewives Are Depressing As Shit

Has anyone but me seen that new "Real Housewives of New York City" program? I don't have much to say about it, except that it seems kinda sucky. At least in the Orange County version, the people were ridiculous in a world that existed far, far away from any recognizable (to me) reality. But when they're in NYC, it makes them real people somehow, which makes the show kind of sad. Plus, it's obvious they're all trying way too hard to be socialites. I mean, if they were REAL socialites, they'd never go on the show, right?

In the first episode, each woman reveals that a) she lives on the Upper East Side (except for one woman who lives in Brooklyn -- Park Slope, presumably -- and another who DOES live on the Upper East Side, but totally wants to move to "like, a loft or something" because she's really just a "downtown girl" at heart), and b) they go to parties and benefits like it's their jobs.

Which is sadder than it is fabulous, because they really are working. At one point, one of the ladies (I haven't bothered learning any of their names) talks about how one gets "into society" -- by going to event after event and party after party and making donations to the right charities and getting to know the right people and while she's talking she has this scared and exhausted look in her eyes like she's been running on a treadmilll for five hours but she can't stop or even slow down below an eight-minute miles or THIS BUS WILL BLOW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

It makes me happy for my own, simpler life, where I not only know I'm socially retarded, but pretty much revel in that fact. I'm pretty sure the kinds of parties and bars I go to will give me entree into only society -- the society of bums who drink Ripple on the sidewalk out front the Wawa. And that is totally cool with me.

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JP said...

I like the blond one from the Midwest with her totally Euro banana-hammock-wearing husband who she "wouldn't dream of going shopping without because {they're} each other's stylists." Also, they go everywhere together. EVERYWHERE. Because, umm, he's absolutely not gay.

Also, I have to agree that it's a little more fucked up in the NYC version, but also much more captivating. Mostly because the NYC chicks are SO much richer than the OC wives (who we repeatedly see stressing over their kids $700 shopping sprees and vacationing in chain resorts.) I'm sorry, but you know if you have a huge place in the city you're spending more than you would on a cookie-cutter-looking, plaster-columned house in a gated community in the fucking Valley.

Plus, the NYC accents make me homesick. They sound like my family, but on less crack.