My Trip

starts tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I take the train to Marseilles where, on Saturday, I'm going to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  On Sunday I take the train to Paris where, on Wednesday, I'm going to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Then I go to Brussels.  To see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Dublin, where I am going to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Then I take a plane to Glasgow.  To see NC&TBS.  Then I come back to Switzerland for a couple days to give a reading in Basel.  But then I go to London.  To see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (two nights!).  Then a couple weeks pass, and I take a flight to Berlin.  To see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  

I've seen Nick live 11 times before.  These will be shows 12-19 for me.  

In the end, I've decided on taking 2 biographies-- one on Eva Braun and the other on Houdini.  

I will be posting updates from the road, when I can.


Neil Ellis Orts said...

You know, I loved Nick Cave in Raising Arizona and again thought he was interesting in Adaptation, but thought his talent was wasted on all those stupid action flicks like The Rock.


Have fun, Sweets. I'll try to have a book for you to proof by the time you're done gallavanting around Europe. Sorry I didn't have it done in time for you to give Nick a bound copy of it . . .

For everyone else, the book I'm referring to is Necropolis, Jillie's new collection of poetry being published by neoNuma Arts (which is me) any week now (preferably this week, but that didn't happen---the delays of a micropress . . . ). I'll be hootin' and hollerin' about it here when it's finally out.


JP said...

Jill is the honorary bad seed. (But we already knew that, didn't we?)

I love you, miss. Have a brilliant trip, and Skype me if you get a second.

Mel Sue said...

Whew, I'm glad she's like, virtually in the band. I'd hate to read that NC got a restraining order against her for stalking him all over Europe. THat would really suck. By now he should be paying HER to come to the shows, she's such a great promoter!

I look forward to reading the new book!