Every Story Is Intriguing

I imagine no one but me is paying attention to this, but apparently the new 90210 update will star, among others, Aunt Becky, as well as a black. No word yet on whether the black will be the first black character in Beverly Hills, 90210 history to not play basketball (seriously, what was Brandon's deal? It's like he had some deep need for a token black friend, and the only place he knew to look was the basketball court.)

According to the CW's promotional video, the new version is "cooler, sexier, more provocative, where every story is intriguing, every character has a secret, and nothing is what you expect." There's also a "fiercely independent" girl named Silver -- one can only hope her name means she's the daughter of David Silver, and that David Silver named his daughter Silver Silver. Presumably Steve Sanders will play the Mr. Belding character.


TMC said...

About two months ago, you claimed not to be very interested in this. I knew you'd come around.

My beef is that the Token is being played by Tristan Wilds, who spent two years being awesome on The Wire (where, coincidentally, every story was also intriguing). There's no way this is an upgrade for him (except that now people will actually watch him). Oh well-- maybe they can convince David Simon to write a few episodes.

Mike said...

I would love to see 90210 as written by David Simon. It could all revolve around the staff of The Blaze trying to connect the dots on some West Beverly drug ring, which of course would all point back to Nat as the Avon Barksdale ringleader, testing Brandon's loyalties.

Anonymous said...

Why oh Why did David Simon kill off Snoop? She could do some guest spots on the new 90210, visiting Michael, needling him about how she gets more pussy than he does, going on nail gun killing sprees, and threatening his English professor when Michael gets a C+ on a paper.

TMC said...

Well, at least maybe Dukie can return in a very special episode.