It must get tiring, mustering outrage over everything

via D.C.'s political blog Wonkette, the news that Michelle Malkin -- who tends to be one crayon crazier or one crayon saner than Ann Coulter, depending on the day -- is apparently considering a boycott of Dunkin Donuts because of its recent ad campaign featuring celebrity "chef"/overjubilant daytime talk show host Rachel Ray. Now, it would be one thing if Malkin were protesting because of her pure unadulterated disgust for Rachel Ray -- that, in fact, would be perfectly understandable (though I'll go on record as saying I find Ray oddly hot, even though everyone makes fun of me for it). But, no, Michelle Malkin is considering a boycott of Dunkin Donuts because, in the ad, Ray's scarf is some sort of Palestinian thing, which means Ray supports the Palestinians and not the Israelis, which means Dunkin Donuts supports the Palestinians and not the Israelis, which means we should probably just round up every Dunkin Donuts employee nationwide and throw them into some kind of "resort facility" until this Global War on Terror is finished, say, a hundred years from now, amen.


JP said...
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JP said...

Rachael Ray is clearly an anti-semite! That scarf thing! Come on...it's so clear!

And not only that. There are other subtle hints, too. Like one time, I heard her say she thought Phil Collins and Mel Gibson are the two hottest men alive. And also that other time on 30 Minute Meals when she made Jew Stew.

(You know the best thing about being Jewish? Besides the awesome holidays no one else gets off that make the other students jealous, I mean. Being able to tell Jewish jokes with impunity! Don't hate me, bitches! I'm chosen!)