The problem with writing in a coffee shop

besides turning yourself into a kind of cliche, is that sometimes the guys two tables over are plotting out their film debut, in which the main character "is, like, a dad, but then with all these superpowers" and his love interest, who may be played by Kate Beckinsale, or possibly Jennifer Love Hewitt, "is really a vampire but she can't tell anyone."

The truly sad thing is that, in a year, these guys will be multimillionaires, and I'll still be writing my shitty novel.


TMC said...

I think you could have probably stopped this one after the first clause.

dave said...

Oh my god I can't wait to see that movie.

I think the other problem is the one Matt has, where the douchebag sitting in front of him has "POET" tattooed on the back of his neck. As our girl JMP would say, Poetry is Gay.

JP said...


(Also, Jill and I are getting fucking poetic diacritical marks--an iamb and a trochee, respectively--tattooed on our left and right wrists. So, well. Yeah. Extra gay.)

(Fuck you.)

Mel Sue said...

Maybe you should try a diner,or better yet, a genuine all american greasy spoon. No one there will be talking superdads or secret vampires. You can write to the white noise of crop prices and John Deere repairs. It's lovely!
(And the coffee is way less expensive~)
Oh yeah, & no one calls you gay :9