To sum it up...

Cities: Marseilles, Paris, Brussels, Dublin, Glasgow, London

Number of shows: 7
Total number of NC shows I've seen: 18
Number of times I've been in the front: 16
People I met and will keep in touch with: Sandra, Alberick, Caroline, Susan, Ingrid, Paolo, Yuka, Hanne, Paul, and others
Old friends I ran into: Eva
Cute boys I met: Too many to list
Number of afterparties: 1
Favorite show: Second night in London
Best part of trip: Brussels airport
Number of times I had to flee from groping foreigners: 2
Nights I went without a wink of sleep in this 2-week period: 3
Number of set-lists scored: 2

1 comment:

JP said...

You are more metal than seven mustaches. Seriously. You wipe up the floor with us amateurs, Jilly.