How Does My Ass Look in This Dress (oh yeah, and there's some kind of bad thing happening in burma or something)? Does It Look Big? Sexy? Awesome!

In the Worst Idea Ever category, here's a public service announcement by Kim Kardashian and her not-hot sisters about the situation in Burma. For real.

I think the video speaks for itself. Worst. Idea. Ever.

In my real job I do internet consulting for nonprofits, and I thought I'd seen some terrible ideas, but this is pretty much the most terrible, idiotic, poorly done, half-smart idea I've ever heard. Who thought this up? Ashton Kutcher? Seriously, the situation over there is totally fucked, and maybe some earnest talking points, with images of the devastation, would have raised a few bucks. Even if it was a big-assed retard famous for sex tape who was doing the talking. That's how fucked that situation is.

But all this is going to accomplish is a hilarious 30 seconds of content for The Soup.

Man, what a bunch of retards.

But seriously, Kim, you do look good in that dress.


Mike said...


If I were Kim Kardashian, I'd a) hope her reality show lasts forever, and b) start making some more sex tapes.

Because she clearly has no future in acting. At least, not in the kind of acting that requires her to open her mouth and say scripted lines.

JP said...

Though, she would definitely excel at the kind of acting that requires her to open her mouth. Wide.

But seriously, this is the saddest thing I've ever seen. In fact, after a quick round of government-sanctioned rape, I think I might have to commit suicide.

I'm totally not kidding. It can't wait.

TMC said...

I keep trying to come up with some kind of clever, relevant response, but I've got nothing.

I'm just completely amazed that anyone thought this was a good idea. I mean, literally every element of this thing is fucking retarded.