to the after-party tonite.  Nick not there, but all the other seeds were.

I'm a fucking rock star NOW!


dave said...

Jilly! We need some context in all this. How did you progress from awesome chick on tour to awesome chick who hangs out with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds sometimes, for real, on tour. Inquiring minds, and retards, want to know.

jill alexander essbaum said...

Well, first off. I'm changing my name to Jill Mothafuckin' Alexander Essbaum. OK? It has a certain lilt.

Second off. I met a sound tech. He liked me. I got to go as his guest. I was extremely chaste and he and I had a really good chat. I also had a talk briefly with Mick and James Johnston (of Gallon Drunk, and a non-touring Seed). James has slugs in his garden and they are destroying his tomatoes. Some of the techs refer to me as "Texas" now. Maybe it should be Jill Mothafuckin' Alexander TEXbaum? I dunno.

Third off. Is it just me, or have I had a really fucking cool two weeks?

I mean. Wow.

JP said...

MAD cool, Texbaum. Off the chain.