Nobody believed me when I said they seemed like a crazy cult

A group of Ron Paul supporters is looking to establish some off-the-grid gated communities where they can "live by the ideals of freedom and liberty."

"These communities are not for the faint at heard (sic) they will start as undeveloped land in non city locals, as this is the way to secure large tracts of land needed for these efforts."

Residents of Paulville will get access to utilities -- electricity, gas, water -- but they won't be forced to use them. If they so choose, they can power their homes via wind turbine, solar panel, or pure unadulterated crazy.

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JP said...

Oh my god, Paulville rocks. I'm moving there immediately, if only because the organization's tag line is "Like minded people, coming together!" (Exclamation point NOT mine.)

Because really, couldn't we ALL use some coming together with other lovers? (Lovers of liberty, I mean.)