More Cover Magic

Last week, I posted links to a couple cover songs I really liked, in the category of "covers that make you appreciate a song you never fully appreciated before."

This week, a new category: indie-rock-approved covers of songs you never wanted to admit you liked, but totally liked even though they were supposedly "lame." Take that Ted Leo version of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" that made its way around the Interwebs a while back --  it's the same song, sung pretty much non-ironically, but somehow you're allowed to dig on the Ted Leo version, maybe even sing along with it, while still maintaining your hipster street cred? 

It's bullshit, is I guess what I'm saying. Just admit that Kelly Clarkson kinda rocks, okay? We all see your skinny black jeans tucked into a pair of circa-1984 pink-and-green Nike hi-tops -- nobody's saying you've lost the right to mope around the bar and drink PBR tallboys.While you're at it, you can go ahead and admit you know all the words to Journey's "Open Arms," too. And you know what else? If you like Marc Broussard singing "Poo Corner," then goddammit, you just like "Poo Corner," you sappy son of a bitch.

Anyway, here's a link to a song I'm not afraid to admit I like, in both the original and cover version:


JP said...

I love it.

And I totally know what you're talking about. But what you didn't discuss is the opposite phenomenon. When there's a totally kickass song and then some retard fucks it all up.

Exhibit A:

John Mayer Frats Up Radiohead

The sad thing is, I sort of like John Mayer's music, for the most part. But boyfriend needs to know his limits. And, honestly, anyone who can go from dating Jennifer Love Hewitt to Jessica Simpson in one fall swoop wins the tacky award in a quick minute.

Mike said...

Is going from Love Hewitt to Jessica Simpson a move up or down?

JP said...

Clearly lateral.

Mike said...

Yeah, that's what I figured. Like going from manager of the Home Depot to manager of Lowe's.