Update: Truck Nutz Still Legal

Last week, we alerted you that Florida lawmakers were considering a measure that would ban Truck Nutz, the rubber testicles men hang from their bumpers to assure other motorists that they have the proper, gender-appropriate genitalia both on their trucks and inside their pants. Luckily, legislators came to their senses and failed to pass the misguided bill, which was probably sponsored by a bunch of feminists who hate America and men and want to produce terrorist babies via artificial insemination and raise them with their godless same-sex partners.

Thankfully, traditional masculinity has again won out. Phew.

Also of note, bestiality is still legal in Florida (seriously), it's now illegal to "pop a wheelie" on your motorcycle, and the state has the country's laziest motto, "In God We Trust." Really, Florida? That's the best you could do? 

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JP said...

If I had my own state, I'd declare every day "If You Don't Fucking Respond To Every Post On The Barrelhouse Blog You're A Total Douche Day."

But I guess it isn't to be.