Bell and Butler, Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

This just in from the New Pages blog...Barrelhouse contributors Matt Bell (Issues 2 and 4) and Blake Butler (Fake Fire and Rescue from our Winter '06 online issue) are two names you'll be seeing a whole lot of this summer. From Matt Bell:

"SmokeLong Quarterly has just published its 21st issue, which is also its fifth anniversary. To celebrate, they've published a double issue of forty flash fictions, including stories by many of the people who've been staff members over the last five years. Myself ("The Folk Singer Dreams of Time Machines") and Blake Butler ("Disease Relics") both have stories in the issue... SLQ is one of the best flash fiction publications around...

"Also just published is the June 2008 issue of elimae, which, among other things, also includes stories by myself ("Creating a Radio") and Blake ("Do Not Look into the Mother's Head")."

Matt is also nominated for a Million Writers Award for his story "Alex Trebek Never Eats Fried Chicken" (Storyglossia) so click on over and do some voting.

Did I over-do it on the links in this one?

Nah, that's what Web 2.0 is all about, bitches. Happy site hopping, just make sure to come on home to Barrelhouse at the end of the day.


Matt Bell said...

First of all, thanks for all the link love! Blake and I really appreciate it.

One tiny, tiny objection, barely worth mentioning: You may have spelled his last name wrong in the title of the post. This is probably because people who are busy barrelhousing all the time don't have butlers, but I assure you, his name is spelled B-U-T-L-E-R.

Also, this is an example of how you do something nice for me and I respond by being a smartass. Or maybe just an ass. I can never remember which it is. My wife would know.

Anonymous said...

just for that, matt, i missspellledd your name ON PURPOSE!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

sorry, it's fixed now.

JP said...

i don't think the linking was overboard. i think you actually left out many important linkable words. like "staff" and "head" and "the," for example.

Libber's Log said...

Vittles are in for the fried chicken vote. Do I get a breast, wing or thigh for voting? Extra crispy please....

:) Genuine genius story fun. Loved it Matt. It deserves a whole greasy bucket of votes and some side dished votes too. I'll promote it to my voting friends too.


Matt Bell said...

Thanks, Cicily! Extra crispy it is.