Breaking: Operation Shoe Leather

OK, I know you people are tired of me posting about the HCSFJM people, but I don't care, I can't get enough of their particular brand of unintentional hilarity. The most recent update: the Olds have figured out how to use their computer printers. We're all doomed!

Here is a version of a project someone sent to me. If we do not get Hillary as the nominee, the we will get to a grassroots campaign for McCain. All of us has computer. We will get someone to design us a flyer that we can download and print copies of. Then we will take these flyer and go door to door in our city's, towns and neighborhoods handing these flyer out. When we talk to our friend and neighbors, they will listen to us. We can change enough mind to swing this election. So start saving now. Each one of us need a war chest of about $100.00 to do this along with some good shoe leather.

We will call this "Project Shoe Leather"

I am still in limbo now as to go whole hearted for John McCain. Something in my gut tells me that Obama will not be the nominee. I have to wait till that happens. My gut has never been wrong before. Also I have some great ideas, that won't cost much, that will make a difference for either Hillary or John McCain. One thing we need to do is start looking for people to work in each state, city in this great country. We will need a state chairman, who will run that state, working with the volunteer. Now whoever takes this job on, will have to be able to devote many hours to it. This will not be a easy job. If you think you have what it takes, let me know. Post why you think your the one for the job. Also inculde your phone #. The time has come to start to get organized for either Hillary or John McCain. --Ed

I've already submitted my application. I'm hoping Dave will agree to be my field general in Central PA, because I know there are lots of Olds out there. Philadelphia may be a tougher sell -- we've got a lot of "Obamas" here, if you catch my drift -- but I'll do my best! 

I'm sure there will be a slew of qualified candidates, but Ed and I already have a bond -- he printed my letter of support just yesterday:

Let me put this to you, Ed: since when is "change" so great? Every time they tell us to get excited about some new "change" it's usually just expensive, and confusing. Music changes, but that don't mean it gets better. The kids today can keep all their Raps and Hips and Hops, or whatever they call it. We knew how to make music before they were even born! It's just like that with politics, which is why no way I'm supporting Obama. McCain is steady and reliable, and that is what I like in life.

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