Craig Finn Knows His Audience

Now, anyone who's read my (sometimes) gushing interview in Barrelhouse 4 knows that I'm a big fan of The Hold Steady. Singer Craig Finn is one of my favorite lyricists of all time, and their music just keeps getting better and better. Stay Positive, their new album, is seriously great, and you should all pick up a copy as soon as it comes out in the next month.

In the meantime, there's a new interview at Please Don't which focuses on "Stuck Between Stations," the John Berryman-referencing opening track of their last effort, Boys and Girls in America. It's just a short essay followed by a few basic questions, but the last one is worth the read, and the reason for this post.

And yes, I'm going to spoil it for you right here:

As you look out at the crowds, what is the face of America?
Wow, that's a heavy question. I do think technology is allowing people to bridge gaps they weren't able to before. For instance, our audience has a lot of different ages, backgrounds, etc. Seriousness aside, in our crowds, the face of America looks like its going to be hung over tomorrow.

Hell yeah it is. "Double whiskey coke no ice" for me please.


JBJ said...

It's out now on iTunes--why wait? (Though Vagrant's selling a bundled t-shirt and limited edition cd that includes "Ask her for some Adderall," which is a seriously terrific song.)

I have tickets to a show in August, and haven't looked forward to a show so much in at least 10 years.

Matt Bell said...

I'm seeing them at Pitchfork, and that'll be my fourth time. Always a great show.

Mike said...

Actually, I'm going with Dave to see them next weekend in Baltimore (and yes, I will likely be drunk)

dave said...

Oh, we will be marvelously drunk. And I want to say what a pleasure it is to see Matt Bell posting on the Barrelhouse blog. The fact that is is a Hold Steady post just ups the ante. Keep em comin', Bell. For instance, what do you make of the new MMJ album? I like it, but here's the question: is "Highly Suspicious" the best random crossover funk thing ever, or is it a lost Rockwell song that would have been better off never found? I am personally massively conflicted. Discuss.

Matt Bell said...

Glad to be here too, Dave! I have the new MMJ, but haven't listened to it yet. I've been too busy this last week with new Islands, Frightened Rabbit, Shearwater... There are too many great bands putting out new albums right now. I'll check it out and get back to you.

If you don't end up on stage at the end of The Hold Steady show, then you were probably standing at the back of the crowd with your arms crossed like a hipster bitch. Discuss in one week.