New Online Issue Chock Full of Barrelhousey Goodness

Just wanted to let all y'all know that we just posted a new online issue and it is, as the headline says, chock full of Barrelhousey Goodness. There are stories about Japanese teens and Dance Dance Revolution (the runner-up in our Pop Culture Essay Contest), a dude in a cave, a dude in the grocery store, a woman drowning in noodles, a house that's falling apart and might actually be your body, and one about a dude playing the piano. Those descriptions, of course, do nothing to convey the awesomeness of each and every one.


Drunk Billy in a Cave, by Errid Farland

Gene Kelly. Or a Japanese Teen. by Sam Kean

Ecology, by Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson

Based on a True Story, by Dave Peters

Little Fingers, by Sam J. Miller

Your House is a Body, by Jessica Hollander

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