When being in the red can put you in the black

Some of you may have heard already through the grapevine (and by grapevine I mean you know one of us personally, and we told you), but if not, good news: Barrelhouse is now officially a nonprofit! 

Of course we've been not making a profit since the very beginning, but now, the government of these United States has declared us so spectacularly unprofitable they're going to give us food stamps and big blocks of government cheese (Editor's Note: We've tried to explain to Mike, several times, that this isn't how nonprofit status works, but he's quite stubborn. If anyone has a big block of cheese they could give him, maybe he'd just shut up about it already? Thanks).

What this also means is we're now open for your donations. So feel free to send us checks, money orders, big bags of unmarked, sweaty singles -- whatever! In fact, I'm no tax expert, but I'm pretty sure this means you can buy us, say, a case of Brooklyn Browns, and write it off. Everyone wins!

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