Mike Myers is Too Important to Even Think About Being Funny for You Jackasses

Have you seen the Mike Myers in the Daily Show clip? Shit, it's embarrassing. A few notes: I've never quite bought into the Mike Myers thing. I will give you this: I really liked the first Waynes World, and I'm officially one of those jackasses who will corner you in a party and tell you how funny "So I Married an Axe Murderer" is. Or at least the parts of that movie where he plays his father, and seriously, those are fucking funny scenes.

But now? Shit. Mike Myers seems like he's stuck in that Madonna place between "doing my character" and "I'm so much more fucking famous than I should have to be to keep doing this same fucking thing...really? i have to keep doing this same fucking thing?"'

Actually, the thing about Mike Myers is he's always kind of got by on doing that thing. You know that thing. Its the thing the guy you met freshman year, first week, who seemed really cool for a while and then you realized that that was all he had in him was, well....that thing....? Well, it turns out that Mike Myers is that guy. He does that thing. That's about all that's funny about him.

And worse yet, he plagiarized himself in his only semi-funny joke on Jon Stewart ("food is based on a dare," which is from So I Married...).

Anyway, so the point is, Mike Myers is kind of like Madonna at this point: he doesn;t seem to be able to relieve himself of his character, and he doesn't seem to be able to relax and just "be" either. He seems like he thinks he's kind of halfway in between. And as a result, he comes off as ,well, a prick. A prick who thinks maybe he's, um, a prince. Or something.

Oh, and another similarity: neither one has done anything that didn't suck for, oh, shit, ten years?

oh, and if you wanna see it, here's sir Mike Myers on the Daily Show.


Mike said...

You mean you don't find lots and lots of obnoxious mugging to be funny? Everyone knows Garth was way funnier than Wayne, anyway.

There was actually an Entertainment Weekly article recently about Myers, which basically consisted of anonymous directors and actors saying he's a prick, then a few of his friends defending him by saying things that sounded like thinly veiled insults.

TMC said...

When they showed the Love Guru clip, people kept laughing, and I honestly didn't know why. I mean, usually, I'm aware of what the joke is supposed to be, even if it's not funny. But in this case, I don't even understand why someone would have considered laughing.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Semi Pro and it's unfortunate that Will Ferrell is also running out of ideas. Comedians do have a shelf life, it seems. Semi Pro might have worked if Woody Harrellson was the main character, and Ferrell just a sideshow, but then it would have been too much like Slap Shot.