Maybe that new 90210 program won't be so terrible after all. As I've previously argued, the original went downhill in direct proportion to Joe E. Tata's decreasing screen time. 

Now if they can just invent a reason to bring back Ray Pruitt....

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Neil Ellis Orts said...

Unfortunately, this is not in response to this post. Sorry.

I had promised, some time ago, that when Jill Alexander Essbaum's Necropolis became available, I'd post here. Well, bn.com has it live and available for order.

If you placed a pre-pub order with me, I haven't gotten my stock yet, but should have it within the week. I'll be emailing you when I send you the book.

If nothing else, look it up on bn.com. I'm pleased with how the cover turned out. (But the pages inside are the reason to buy it.)

Perhaps someone with posting privileges (clears throat, glances at Jill) could post something about the book here?