New Essbaumian Awesomeness: Necropolis

Official Friend of Barrelhouse Jill Alexander Essbaum has a new book out, a chapbook called Necropolis.

Get it get it get it now.

Here's what the publisher, NeoNuma Arts, says about Necropolis: "Award-winning poet Jill Alexander Essbaum takes her reader on a three-day journey through death and grief. Filled with her trademark sensuality and humor, here Essbaum also addresses issues of faith, fiercely questioning God while also trusting in the promise of resurrection."

I feel pretty comfortable with this statement, which I believe speaks for itself: Nobody does sex and God like Jilly Essbaum. Plus, she can rock a fake mustache and a tiara. Sometimes at the same time.

Oh, and she's a brilliant, funny, smart, challenging poet, and you should really read her book and read it now. Check it out.


jill alexander essbaum said...

Thanks, Dave! It's actually not a chapbook but a FULL LENGTH COLLECTION, so you'll be getting more bang for your buck (tee hee, I said "full length" and "bang" in the same sentence!).

And, you know, I put that tiara on all the time. And sometimes the mustache, too.

JP said...

I second through eighth this suggestion.

(And not just because I've accidentally made out with the poet in question.)

(Who are we kidding? It was no accident!)