AC/DC Brings News of the End Days (And It's Not What We Thought It Would Be)

Where I grew up, folks were pretty sure that AC/DC was either (a) The Greatest Most Headbangingest Balls Out Rockingest Thing Ever, or (b) A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse, what with all that Hell's Bells and Highway to Hell and "hey Satan, paid my dues..." business.

Well, they've finally brought us a Sure Sign of the Apocalypse, but it's not the one that either camp was looking for: The new AC/DC album, "Black Ice," will be sold exclusively in Wal-Mart.

Hey, at least it'll be cheap.

You can hear, kind of, the new single, "Rock and Roll Train," on YouTube. Well, you can hear it playing in the background as some guy does his best Brian Johnson impersonation. It's a good tune, in that AC/DC way (the most awesome way possible, that is) and I think will be even better when actually sung by AC/DC, and not Some Guy.

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