New Contest -- Barrelhouse Invitational: The Future

Barrelhouse, like any writer with a hint of an alcohol problem, both loves and dreads the future. In The Future, we'll stop drinking, train for a marathon, eat better, age backwards, fly those Back to the Future hover-skateboards, move Scarlett Johannson and Neko Case into the Barrelhouse Mansion, go on tour with The Hold Steady, pay off our credit cards, and finally get those Rock Hard Abs. Shit, man, the future is going to totally rock. That's the thing about the future -- anything, literally anything, can or might or should happen.

But who cares what we think? What are your thoughts on the topic? Got a great story about what the world will be like in 2327? Got a super essay delineating why the hover board is not yet flying off the shelves of your local Toys R' Us? Got an amazing poem about what type of programming will dominate network television schedules in the next millennium? When it comes to writing about the future, the possibilities are virtually limitless. That's why our new contest is all about the future. We present The Barrelhouse Invitational: The Future.

We're looking for your poems, stories, essays, weird literary thingies, all about the future. There are no contest fees. Judging will be done by your humble Barrelhouse Editorial Squadron. Winners will be published in our next issue.

Click here for more, and please do get all futuristic on our asses.

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