Best Coen Characters Ever

Television Without Pity lists the top Coen Brothers characters here. I am very disappointed that Tom "What's the Rumpus" Reagan and Bernie "Look Into Your Heart" Bernbaum from Miller's Crossing are not included on this list. Especially when Jesus is included...which is a travesty. I don't care how well he buffs his balls.

Hudsucker Proxy is one of the few movies i've seen where i wished i could have back the time it took to watch it--save the Hula Hoop creation story, of course. Jennifer Jason Leigh's Amy Archer fast-talking, hard-edged but heart-of-gold I-wish-someone-would-strangle-her-with-a-hula-hoop journalist is arguably THE most annoying movie character ever. EVER.

Intolerable Cruelty is a vastly underrated movie.

And how does Leonard Smalls not make it in?

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tunaslurpee said...


You hit the nail on the head with the Coen comments. I think Hudsucker was the first time I realized the Brothers were mortal.

And that they could suck.