The Open Memo to Senator Obama

If any of Team Barrelhouse happens to have David Plouffe's email address (that's Obama's campaign manager for those of you playing the home game), please dear God ask him to watch this video.

Complexity is a good thing. America needs more than 10-word answers. I am one of hundreds of thousands of Americans who is literally begging to be inspired, to feel as if--at the very least--my government is made up of exceptional people, willing to do their level best for all of the people.

And none of those exceptional people was ever mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Please God. Take off the gloves.

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JP said...

Have you seen this piece in the Ny Times? An imaginary meeting between Bartlett and Obama, written by my boyfriend Aaron Sorkin. Priceless.


I mean, how many times have I wished that Bartlett was really running for President? At least eleventy times.

And yes, maybe that makes me a sad, delusional, television-obsessed loser. But hey, that's like all of America. Vote Bartlett!