Why Do All America's Musicians Hate America?

First Bruce Springsteen got all steamed about Reagan using 'Born in the U.S.A.' (which was funny mostly because Reagan's people clearly didn't pay much attention to the lyrics) and now Nancy "Bleeding Heart" Wilson is all steamed about Sarah Palin playing 'Barracuda,' even though Sarah Palin is a total barracuda, in that she is "covered in small, smooth scales," has a head which is "large, pointed and pike-like" and also she will "stop after the first bite as humans are not [her] normal food source."

Apparently Wilson emailed the RNC Thursday morning and asked that they not use the song, but then they did it anyway, so now Wilson says she feels "completely fucked over."

Us, too, Nancy. Us, too.

Edit: Just realized this also gives me an excuse to post this video, which I think is really funny, whatever your politics.

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