This is exactly what's wrong with the Internet

On the one hand, the Internet gives everyone a voice. On the other hand, the Internet gives everyone a voice. Like whoever wrote this little bit of hate mail to a conservative blogger who dared question Sarah Palin's readiness to serve:

"Your article sounds more like a female on the rug. You don’t do yourself credit for the lousy journalism you displayed in your article. The article filled with so much BS, mud slinging, it came to a point it became unbearable to read any more drool from your part. So I must ask you, are you some pig that resembles Rosy O’Donnell, or do you hate real feminine, soft and powerful woman who has reversed years of corruption in Alaska, and fearful that she will do the same thing, but her problem that might shatter this dream is her poor performance in a few interviews?

Hopefully this is not typical of your journalist abilities, otherwise, you might be better off heading home and cooking some cookies."

Honestly, if I could teach my students one thing, it wouldn't be how to write a well-argued academic essay, nor how to analyze complicated literary texts. No, if I could teach them only one thing, it would be how to not turn into the kind of scary idiot who sends these retarded and ultimately pointless messages to others.

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