Oh Rex Morgan MD, you have the cure for the daily blues

My guess is that posting today will be light, as your trusty Barrelhouse editors had a few too many delicious malted beverages last night. But here's something to keep you entertained while we sleep it off: The Comics Curmudgeon.

This guy has plenty of devoted readers, but if you haven't checked out the site before, you really should. Where else are you going to find panel-by-panel breakdowns of Mary Worth, Gil Thorpe and Apartment 3-G? Is Curtis secretly penned by a fusty old Jew? Is Garfield's animator the laziest man alive? Will poor Ziggy ever catch a break?

Meanwhile, I think I can actually smell the booze coming out of my pores. Time to go throw up!

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TMC said...

I've been hooked on this site for about a month since I discovered it... I guess I just can't help mocking awful comics like B.C. and Family circus.