VH1 once again stretches the meaning of the word celebrity

VH1 has really outdone themselves in this latest round of their "Celebreality" programming. The new Surreal Life will feature Jose Canseco and Bronson Pinchot, and the new Celebrity Fit Club includes Gary Busey, Jackee Harry (from 227), Victoria Jackson and Jani Lane, the lead singer of hair-metal band Warrant.

There's really not much I can say about this, except: where do they find these people? Are there a bunch of twentysomething VH1 staffers sitting around a conference room table somewhere, taking bong hits and rattling off names? "Ooh, ooh, remember that show Perfect Strangers, with Balki Bartokomous? 'Don't be re-di-cou-los.' That guy would be awesome!" "Yeah, or how about that Jackee woman? Hey, Sammy, don't bogart the Fritos!"

I also wonder how they decide what project to use as the identifier for each "star." Some of them, like "Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live)" or "Jackee Harry (227)" are obviously no-brainers. But is Bronson Pinchot really best-known for Beverly Hills Cop? And while The Busey has made 94 films since 1978's The Buddy Holly Story, apparently the people at VH1 still believe that to be his best-known work.

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joe said...

Actually, I can tell you where they found Balki. About five miles north of my hometown in an incredibly small rural town named Clifford. Apparently he mostly does theatre work now and he moved to Clifford because NY is really easy to get to from North East PA. Apparently, he's a total prick, but I don't want cast dispersions. I've never met the dude. Wonder if he punches people when they ask him to do the dance of joy. I would.