Covering Teen Wolf

McSweeneys is always funny, but this is particularly great (and came to my attention via the always entertaining Backwards City blog): Pasha Malla's Covering Teen Wolf: One Coach's Guide.

Teen Wolf gets scrappy once you put the pressure on, and he's a great ball handler with a low-to-the-ground style reminiscent of Pistol Pete or a young Isiah Thomas. Add to his skill and quickness those gigantic, hirsute paws, and you're up against one hell of a dribbler. We've tried giving Teen Wolf a step, respecting his speed, but we've found that if our guys slack off him, he'll generally hit the open jumper—or else take off from wherever he's standing on the court, sail over everyone's heads, and finish with one of those dunks where he ends up sitting on the top of the backboard, howling, feet dangling down through the hoop.

There's more, and its all brilliant. Check it out.

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