Fill In Your Own "Why Wasn't This on NFL Sunday Ticket Instead of the Saints-Bears Game?" Joke Here

This story is perhaps the most accurate social barometer I have seen in quite a while.

I particularly like the fact that punches were thrown, which means that not only does this story have gratuitous lesbian sex, but a catfight as well.


TMC said...

The Panthers site actually crashed today because of the flood of people clamoring to get to the cheerleader bio page.

I mean... umm... that's what someone told me.

Mike said...

Well, now I guess we all know what TMC is doing when he claims to be "working on his novel."

TMC said...

Well, I knew this "novel" cover was going to get blown soon enough anyway.
Although now I think I've been inspired to write a thriller about bisexual cheerleaders who are also detectives who fight crime in their spare time.

If that shit can't get optioned into a movie, I don't know what can.