Behind the Glass Wall

At my local Giant, there's a glass case by the checkout counter behind which cigarettes, condoms, and other illicit items are locked. Added to that list, I discovered today, are all replacement razor blades. Hmmmm...... Did some concerned parent ram through legislation when their kid cut themselves with all 5 titanium blades? No, the manager told me that razor blades were being stolen at an alarming rate. Why? I wondered. Why? Why? Then I handed over $34.50 for 4 Gilette Mach 3 replacement blades and left. If anyone has a clue as to why people would steal such reasonably priced razor blades, please let me know.


Mike said...

I hear ya, Pease. It makes me angry every time I fork over a small fortune for my Titanium 8-Edge Super-Hydraulic Blades With Patented Aerodynamic Racing Stripe and Kung-Fu Grip. But I guess the razor companies have convinced me I need all those features, because I can't make myself go back to the crappy disposables. I refuse, however, to buy anything with batteries in it, or with the name "Turbo" affixed.

Kyle said...

it's amazing how there's an arms race between companies to increase the amount of blades too.

i'm waiting for the new 15 blade razor to come out. i want something that runs the length of my face, so it only takes one swipe to take all the hair and a few layers of skin off.

TMC said...

you wish you were lucky like me-- i have the facial hair growth of a 12 year old boy.
Shave once every 10-12 days, and I'm good. In the meantime, I look sharp as ever.