New Eddie Izzard Show Pretty Good

F/X is featuring a new show called "The Riches" starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver as American gypsies or "Travellers" whose family comes to the ends of their rope and find a hope for salvation in assuming a dead family's identity in a Louisiana gated community.

Although the "Travellers" look, act, and talk pretty much exactly like "rednecks," the show does manage to portray the joy and adrenaline rush of pulling off a successful swindle, along with the fundamental precariousness of these con artists' daily lives. Despite their nomadic existence, they still orbit a Ground Zero and an overall boss who gets a cut and likes to arrange marriages.

I was definitely surprised by the drama, thinking it would be more lighthearted. Minnie Driver is super intense (and I think she's huge in real life, like 6'5, 6'6 250), while Eddie Izzard can't help but display the odd effeminate gesture every once in a while. But it works for me so far. Anyone else see it?

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Kyle said...

i caught it, aaron, and i really enjoyed it. i needs to get up and running, but i have faith that it will.

izzard is always so engaging, even if i think he needs to grow into this role a little bit.

and i always thought minnie driver was quality. but it seems like someone has finally decided to give her a vehicle to get noticed. someone tell eddie falco she's going to have some extra competition for that emmy next time around.