You Stay Classy, Florida Reporter Lady

You know what's funny? Domestic battery.

Apparently, this Florida reporter thought the best way to follow up on the report that Vanilla Ice had allegedly hit and kicked his wife was to break into an impromptu version of "Ice, Ice Baby," complete with backup dancers. Nice.

This reminds me of the time Bob Hebert followed up his report on Terry Schiavo by whipping his cock out and lip-synching along to the Misfits' "Die, Die, My Darling."


JP said...

Poor Mrs. Ice. Apparently something grabbed a hold of *her* tightly.

But seriously? It's unfortunate that, unlike Gloucester, Vanilla's Florida neighborhood isn't a:

Domestic Violence Free Zone.

cmq said...

You're misunderstanding -- it was clearly a decisive commentary on the line between entertainment and voyeurism.

As for the Ices, if their household isn't the picture of domestic bliss, I don't know what kind of hope that leaves for the rest of us.

Mike said...

Very true. The Ices, much like Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brown, are a sort of cultural barometer/canary in the coal mine.