Link of the Week

What I've just realized is that Jill and I have not only started posting to this blog regularly, but have also sort of started taking over in typical woman-like fashion. At first, it's just a post here, an alarmingly offensive comment there. Next, you'll find a toothbrush and a tampon smugly situated in your bathroom cabinet. (Trust me, they're there. Go check.) Lastly, here I come with TWO posts on TWO Sundays in a row called "Link of the Week!"

What does this mean? (Besides the fact that you'll have fresh breath and feminine protection at hand when you need it?) Well, it means that Sunday is now BOTH Shameless Self-Promotion Day and Link of the Week Day. At least if I have anything to do with it.

So here it is, my new committed relationship partners: your Link of the Week.

Stuff White People Like

I felt this site was appropriate since we're already on an "ironically and cheerfully racist" kick this week. (Or, err, I am.) And I realize I may be totally behind on this site, so all of you can feel free to boo, bitch-slap or ninja-chop me if you've already seen it. But if you haven't, be prepared: it is HIGH-LARIOUS!

Because, really, white people are hilarious. Not only do they like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, they also apparently like Gentrification, Alternative Medicine, the Toyota Prius, Irony, Knowing What's Best for Poor People and Standing Still at Concerts, among many other objects, places and activities.

As a side note, I think one of the best parts of this site is the comments section on the "About Us" page. In this little gem of a bulletin board, people of all races (but mostly white) sound off on how wonderful, terrible, offensive, poorly-written, left-wing, right-wing or just plain hateful the site is. They also wonder openly and often about the race of the person who runs the blog. (My guess is that it's our own Mike Ingram, who recently admitted to playing a regular game of mixed doubles tennis in very short, very white shorts, AND to being called Country Club during his college years due to his excessive whiteness.)

Anyway, from this comment section we learn that among the many ridiculous things White People Like, "getting bent out of shape because they can't take a motherfucking joke, ""commenting heatedly on things they could just as easily ignore" and "flame wars" are way, way up there.

As is blogging.

So, my multi-cultural, multi-political, gay, straight, lesbian, transgendered and transexual sisters and brothers of size (or lack of size) and color (or lack of color)....ENJOY!



Mike said...

a) the existence of my short-shorts and (one of) my college nicknames were told to you in confidence!

b) that site is hilarious.

c) I am 37% less white than I was in high school.

d) I am still super white.

JP said...

a) Since no one reads this blog besides us, anyway, I feel I've adequately kept your confidence.

b) Right?

c) That's funny, since I'm actually 37% more white than I was in high school. Growing up in Brooklyn, going to high school in Flatbush (where Biggie is from), listening to lots of hip-hop and speaking with a MUCH heavier Brooklyn accent (all regulatory slang, like "dope," "fly," "phat," "word," --which I still use rather often, obviously--and calling people "son" included) definitely made me a rather non-white member of the community. Not to mention spending an inordinate amount of time at my Cantonese best friend's house, where I communicated mostly in pidgin Chinese and lots of hand gestures while eating many home-wok items (including but not limited to whole chickens cooked in the wok and lots of substances in jars that were totally unrecognizable--like the stuff my best friend could only call "little head fish") probably made me pretty ethnic in a whole other way.

d) I'm still not very white. Though I'm obviously not as soul sista as the singular Jill Alexander Essbaum who, besides being from the hardscrabble south and rather religious, uses black girl hair products. (Some of which she actually has one of our black friends purchase for her, like it's a dirty shameful secret or a drug deal.)

jill alexander essbaum said...

It's true. I use black girl hair products.