Why a brotha always got to be blamed?

There have only been a few truly perfect pairings in this lifetime. And now there's something new to add to the list along with chocolate + peanut butter, sex + Jodeci, and Vanilla Ice + a woman who just won't listen:

nothing goes together like trucks and guns!

Yes, this Missouri car dealership's sales have quadrupled recently, a phenomenon they chalk up to their new offer of a handgun with every new or used car purchased.

(Actually, it's EITHER a handgun OR a $250 gas card, but everyone except "one guy from Canada and one old guy" chose the gun. Because only geriatrics and people who are freedom haters don't want their .38 to ride shotgun, bitches!)

The best part is that the offer was apparently inspired by Barack Obama's comment that Midwesterners are clinging to their guns and their Bibles. How this led to the truck/gun combination, I'm not exactly sure. Do they know that trucks aren't Bibles? Or do they already carry Bibles in their trucks, and they're only missing guns to make the picture both fully American and wholly godly? I'm confused. But that's the Democratic race for you--stirring up confusion from all angles.

Anyway, on a side note I say it's a good thing that crazy hicks the world over were allowed to keep their TruckNutz. Otherwise what would they use for target practice?

Besides liberals and minorities, of course.



Mike said...

Nothing like showing Obama was wrong by clinging to even more guns. Way to go, Midwestern bitters!

dave said...

Only one thing could have improved this promotion: a cold cold pitcher of "COLD TASTING" Coors light.